Chad W. L. Whitacre

Release 0.4.2
March 29, 2012


assertEquals is an interface for running tests written with the Python standard library's unittest module. It used to be named testosterone. It delivers summary and detail reports on TestCases discovered in module-space, via both a command-line and a curses(3) interface. The interactive mode is the default, but it depends on the non-interactive mode. For debugging, static tracebacks and interactive Python debugger (Pdb) sessions are available in both scripted and interactive modes.


$ assertEquals [options] module

module is the dotted name of the module or package you wish to test. See the sections on scripted and interactive mode for more information.

This software is known to work with FreeBSD 4.11, PuTTY 0.58, and Python 2.4.2. Additionally, the command-line interface is known to work with Windows XP and Python 2.4.2.

assertEquals is copyright © 2005-2012 by Chad Whitacre, and is offered free of charge, warranty, and restrictions.